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Unveiling the Future with Sprout Mk.III

We're excited to announce a significant milestone for Muddy Machines with the launch of Sprout Mk.III, the latest prototype of our versatile field robot. This development incorporates all our learning over the past few years and reflects our commitment to developing sustainable solutions for growers.

Muddy Machines' robot "Sprout Mk.III" in a field
Sprout Mk.III

Designed With Care

Sprout Mk.III represents a significant step forward in our efforts to support agriculture with environmentally friendly solutions. At only 355kg, it is designed to minimize soil compaction, a crucial factor in maintaining soil health and fertility.

Sustainably Powered

Sprout Mk.III operates on battery power, allowing it to recharge using renewable energy sources. This aligns with our goal to minimise the environmental footprint of any solution we develop for our agricultural partners.

Moving Forward

The introduction of Sprout Mk.III prototype is a step forward for Muddy Machines in our mission to support the agricultural sector with technology that is both effective and mindful of the environment.

A line drawing of Muddy Machines' field robot "Sprout Mk.III"
Sprout Mk.III Dimensions

We look forward to sharing more about the Sprout Mk.III and its impact on agriculture. Stay tuned for further updates.


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