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From CTO to CEO: A New Chapter for Muddy Machines

Muddy Machines is excited to announce an important change in our leadership team. Chris Chavasse, the driving force behind our technology development as Chief Technology Officer, will be stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer. This change marks a pivotal moment in our company’s story, aligning the company's leadership with our vision to sustainably solve agriculture’s labour challenges with robots.

Chris with a Herd of Sprouts
Chris with a Herd of Sprouts

Under Chris’s leadership as CTO, Muddy Machines has already achieved remarkable milestones in developing robotic solutions to address critical labour challenges in agriculture. Our focus has always been on creating technologies that not only advance farming practices but also contribute to a sustainable future. Chris’s vision has been central to our success so far, blending cutting-edge technology with practical engineering for real-world applications.

As Florian prepares to embark on new opportunities, we would like to take the time to thank him for his support and contributions in building the foundations of Muddy Machines; we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Chris on stage pitching at the Royal Academy of Engineering's Winter Showcase
Chris pitching at the Royal Academy of Engineering's Winter Showcase

Looking ahead, Chris's transition to CEO is underpinned by his proven track record in technological innovation and a keen eye for strategic growth opportunities. This transition is a natural progression, reflecting his integral role in our company from the outset and his vision for our future. Chris’s leadership will be pivotal as we continue to innovate and expand our impact on the global agricultural landscape.

“It is with great excitement that I am taking on the role of CEO at Muddy Machines,” said Chris. "Our mission has always been clear: to forge agriculture’s path to benefit both people and planet. I am excited to lead our talented team into our next chapter, building on the strong foundations we have established and driving forward our vision for a future where sustainability, robotic technology, and agriculture go hand in hand.”

Chris with 'Mini Sprout' a 10:1 Scale model of our Mk.II prototype
Chris with 'Mini Sprout' a 10:1 Scale model of our Mk.II prototype

As Muddy Machines embarks on this new chapter, we remain focused on our goal to support growers with solutions that solve their most pressing challenges in a sustainable way. We are excited for the future and are confident that under Chris’s leadership, Muddy Machines will continue to grow, innovate, and lead the way in agricultural robotics.

For further details and updates, please stay connected with us through our website and social media channels.


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