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Meet Sprout

Our versatile electric farm robot powering a new generation of selective harvesters and precision tools.

Sprout is our lightweight all-terrain farming vehicle with the ability to carry custom implements for precision agricultural operations. Once in the field each Sprout can be monitored through our custom app, which displays live harvest performance to machine operators and farm owners. Enabling decisions based on real-time information.

Sprout driving through a field
Sprout demonstrating its low soil compaction versus a tractor

Sprout in numbers

355 kg

Overall mass

4.5 hours

Charge time

16 hours

Run time

1.8m x 1.8m


Electric revolution

Forging the path for a green revolution in agriculture, Sprout is designed from the ground up to run on lithium batteries, enabling a transition to electric machinery and providing a path for farms to reach Net-Zero.

Advanced cyber security

Say no to hackers. Muddy Machines has collaborated with cyber security researchers at the University of Warwick to assess the threats faced by Agri-Robots and ensure Sprout is resilient to the threats it faces.


Treading lightly on mother earth, Sprout has been precision engineered to reduce its weight and the impact it has on the soil. Protecting the soil's long-term health and safeguarding farm's futures.

Adaptive herd

Sprout can operate individually, or as part of a larger herd, building your resilience against labour supply shortages. When operating as a herd, Sprout communicates with other machines, continuously adapting to optimise harvest performance.

Line drawing of Sprout side on
Sprout Line Drawings-02.jpg
Sprout Line Drawings-04.jpg

What will you build?

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and accelerate the deployment of your smart farming tool by developing it for Sprout.

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