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Asparagus Harvester

Our selective green asparagus harvester is our first field-ready robotic agricultural tool, tested with our farming partners here in the UK.

Taking crop from soil to basket, our asparagus harvester can be deployed in fields and polytunnels for up to 16 hours a day. It uses cutting edge AI to measure every single spear, cutting the ripe ones delicately whilst avoiding the immature spears, leaving them behind for another day.

Rows of asparagus crop in front of a large tree
Testing of our asparagus harvester in the lab

Our Technology

Advanced AI

While our asparagus harvester’s vision system is measuring everything it sees, its brain uses advanced algorithms and reinforcement learning to predict crop yields over the coming days and report them to growers.

Patent Pending Tech

We’ve successfully filed a patent for our asparagus harvester and are in the process of gaining international protection for the technology.

Sustainable Innovation

Most asparagus picking carts are loud, uncomfortable and burn fossil fuels to traverse the open fields. Our asparagus harvester is clean, efficient and electric.

Solving the Labour Crisis

Green asparagus is harvested selectively by hand, and it’s becoming more and more challenging for growers to find the labour they need. Our harvester is the solution to your labour worries; order and deploy the same day.

“This isn’t about saving money on labour. We can afford the cost of the labour, but we just can’t get it.”

John Chinn

Largest UK Asparagus Grower (Cobrey Farms)

Asparagus fields with a forest in the background

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