About Us

Meet The Founders


Florian Richter

Founder and CEO

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Florian's family runs a large farm in Portugal, and grew up in Lower Saxony, Germany’s main Asparagus region. He has worked at Google, SumUp, and Bookatable. As a serial entrepreneur he has founded and scaled several B2B and SaaS companies in various sectors and raised over £4m in funding previously.


Christopher Chavasse

Founder and CTO

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​Chris’s whole career is in robotic innovation.
He developed UAVs and Search & Rescue Robots at University before spending four years at Dyson in New Product Innovation, inventing the next generation of household robots. He then spent two years building novel commercial kitchen robots at Deliveroo and Karakuri.

Muddy Machines Story

Chris and Florian met at Entrepreneur First in London in early 2020. Florian's family owns a large farm in Portugal and was looking for a technical co-founder to help bring modern technologies to agriculture. Chris shared this vision and the pair started researching problems that farmers and growers face today. 

Many interviews, zoom calls and online conferences later it became clear that reliable access to manual labour was a massive issue in agriculture. Furthermore, Covid-19 and Brexit were exacerbating the problem.

Britain requires 80,000 migrant workers every year during harvest season. Crops that need to be selectively harvested are particularly labour intensive because you need to carefully assess each plant to see if it/it's crop is ready for harvest and most of the time you also cannot simply rip out the plant but rather have to carefully remove the bit that you want to harvest.


Our machines will enable growers to grow more produce locally and ensure that the food we eat is fresher, more sustainable and resilient to future disruption in trade and labour.

Join us on this journey and do your bit to make the world a little bit more sustainable every day!

Meet Our Advisors 


John Chinn

Agricultural Advisor

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John is co-owner of Cobrey Farms, the UK's largest Asparagus producer. He brings 45 years of growing experience and industry insight to the team. He was previously the Chairman of CHAP (Centre for Crop Health and Protection)

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Dr Edward Johns

Robotics Advisor

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Dr Johns is a Director of the Robot Learning Lab at Imperial College London, where he also lectures and holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship. His research lies at the intersection of robotic control, computer vision, and machine learning.

Meet The Team


Luke Steele

Mechatronics Engineer

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Luke began his professional life as a jazz double bassist, but after finding he spent all his spare time building robots, retrained as a mechanical engineer, and has since worked on robotics and mechatronics for the likes of Deliveroo, Dyson and Airbus, contributing to projects as diverse as automated chip fryers and haptic robots for clinical skills training.

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Bharath Puttur

Senior Mechanical Engineer

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Bharath spent his summer holidays on his grandparents' 100-year-old farmhouse in South India where his great uncle took him on power tillers in the fields. He completed his first degree in Mechanical Engineering in India followed by a Masters in Motorsport Engineering at Brunel. He has over 9 years of experience designing garden tractors and high-precision surgical power tools.


John Moran

Senior Robotics Engineer

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John has over 20 years of software engineering experience, specializing in embedded software for machine control. He has worked at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, NASA, Sybase and IBM.  He holds bachelor’s degrees in both physics and computer science, and a Master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Illinois.  


Shrinivasan Sankar

Robotics Research Engineer

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Shrini brings over 12 years of experience both from the tech industry and acadmia. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Vision and Robotics from the Erasmus Mundus VIBOT program. During his stint as a research engineer at the University of Oxford he worked on cutting edge vision research with world class scientists. He started his career in the industry at Infosys Technologies as a software engineer in 2005 and has worked in companies and teams of all sizes ever since.